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If you have been looking for an experienced and effective soft tissue pain therapist, then I am the person to see. I have worked with pro football and women’s pro tennis as well as semi-pro triathletes, runners, cyclists, swimmers, and golfers. Certified in neck and low back pain diagnostics, management and prevention, I was an instructor and director at several colleges in Florida developing programs and teaching anatomy and physiology.

My unique therapy can combine any of the following methods Thermo and Cryo Therapy, Mattes ROM, CRS and active stretch techniques, along with trigger point work, Shiatsu and Myofascial Release. I am particularly known for my effective work in Carpal Tunnel and chronic headache disorders and amazing effectiveness at post-surgical rehabilitation.

Initial sessions are comprehensive full-body work that allows assessment of all aspects of a client’s structure and develop a plan for focused balancing of muscular action, strength, contraction power and resting tension to optimal health levels. I am also a certified Level 3 QiGong and Wuji instructor.

I love my work, and believe that a good therapist can inspire students, enlighten clients and make it possible for people to live active, pain-free lives. I work in the Boston area. Please contact me at iamthecaringteacher@hotmail.com.


Joseph Garcia, LMT

Joseph Garcia, LMT